2019 Presentation Night

Grand Final Schedule- Sunday September 1st

YJFL B&F Count 2019

Congratulations to the following players for receiving votes in the annual YJFL Best and Fairest count. We couldn't be prouder of all of our players and their outstanding efforts!


U11 Mixed Green:
Max C- 20 votes (7th place)
Marco C- 11 votes (8th place)
Sullivan G- 8 votes
Lincoln R- 8 votes
Marco K- 7 votes

Robbie C- 4 votes

George C- 3 votes

Harry D- 2 votes

Cooper H- 2 votes

Abhinav D- 1 vote

Thomas D- 1 vote

Samuel H- 1 vote

Sam I- 1 vote

Max L- 1 vote

Alexander N- 1 vote

Dominic S- 1 vote

Heshan S- 1 vote


U11 Mixed Blue:
Louis D- 19 votes (3rd place)
William J- 8 votes
Tomas M- 7 votes

Joshua TW- 4 votes

Tyler W- 3 votes

Lucas R- 2 votes

William C- 1 vote

Thomas D- 1 vote


U11 Girls:
Jemima P- 16 votes (3rd place)
Lucy S- 6 votes
Giselle C- 6 votes
Valentia D- 6 votes
Gabrielle W- 5 votes

Bridie D- 3 votes

Lili P- 3 votes

Sophie D- 2 votes

Clare S- 1 vote


U12 Mixed Gold:
William K- 22 votes (1st place)
Sebastian W- 7 votes

Edward B- 4 votes

John A- 2 votes

Benjamin C- 2 votes

Zac M- 2 votes

Sebastian W- 2 votes

Jett V- 1 vote


U12 Mixed Red:
Orlando D- 7 votes
Hugo F- 7 votes

Jack D- 3 votes

Daniel W- 3 votes

Aidan J- 2 votes

Hamish S- 2 votes

Matthew F- 1 vote

Patrick H- 1 vote

Andre M- 1 vote

Charlie W- 1 vote


U12 Girls Gold:
Chloe B- 22 votes (=1st place)
Sienna C- 22 votes (=1st place)
Jassi D- 7 votes
Charlee J- 7 votes

Chloe B- 3 votes

Rachel P- 1 vote


U13 Mixed Green:
Blake N- 11 votes
Alexander N- 8 votes

Harry C- 3 votes

Fintan D- 3 votes

Monty W- 3 votes

Charlie C- 2 votes

Matthew H- 2 votes

Angus S- 2 votes

Sebastian S- 2 votes

Cian C- 1 vote

Cody S- 1 vote

Woody W- 1 vote


U13 Girls Gold:
Anabelle G- 16 votes (4th place)
Zoe H- 11 votes 
Nicola F- 5 votes

Mabel S- 2 votes

Lily B- 1 vote

Miranda L- 1 vote

Katelyn R- 1 vote

U14 Mixed Brown:
Danny C- 12 votes (6th place)
Julian T- 8 votes
Joshua P- 6 votes
Benjamin S- 5 votes

Ryan M- 4 votes

Jack R- 2 votes

Bhodi S- 2 votes

Ben T- 2 votes

Jarrah C- 1 vote

Charlie F- 1 vote

Angus H- 1 vote

William M- 1 vote


U14 Girls Gold:
Lucille C- 16 votes (4th place)
Evangeline K- 14 votes (6th place)
Mimi C- 8 votes
Sherilyn O- 6 votes
Ruby S- 5 votes

Sienna D- 3 votes

Sienna S- 3 votes

Ashley B- 2 votes

Hannah T- 2 votes

Jemima A- 1 vote

Maggie R- 1 vote


U14 Girls Brown:
Kya W- 11 votes (4th place)
Phoebe J- 8 votes (6th place)
Isabella D- 7 votes
Denise D- 6 votes
Lilly O- 5 votes

Erica T- 2 votes

Frida A- 1 vote

Ellie D- 1 vote

Timikar J- 1 vote

Emma L- 1 vote


U15 Boys 1:
Eli T- 11 votes (5th place)
Marcel H- 9 votes

Joshua H- 4 votes

Lachlan O- 3 votes

Andrew S- 3 votes

Atticus S- 2 votes

George T- 2 votes

Hugo T- 2 votes

Matthew A- 1 vote

Hayden M- 1 vote


U15 Boys 3:
Aaron I- 13 votes (=2nd place)
William W- 13 votes (=2nd place)
Thomas L- 10 votes (6th place)
James B- 7 votes
Jackson C- 5 votes

Preston J- 3 votes

Jack R- 3 votes

Connor M- 2 votes

James C- 1 vote

Gerard C- 1 vote

Hamish S- 1 vote


U16 Girls:
Stella R- 13 votes (4th place)
Sarah C- 12 votes (7th place)
Milla M- 9 votes

Ella C- 4 votes

Olivia H- 3 votes

Ella S- 3 votes

Holly S- 3 votes

Stephanie G- 2 votes

Lucinda P- 2 votes

Sophie R- 2 votes

Jaida G- 1 vote

Chelsea H- 1 vote

Yasmin I- 1 vote

Imogen T- 1 vote


Colts Boys 2:
Angus J- 7 votes
Luke C- 6 votes
Louis L- 5 votes

Connor B- 4 votes

Darcy T- 4 votes

Noah J- 1 vote

Gus M- 1 vote

Joshua W- 1 vote

We’ve already seen some great photos of the Comets in action this season, and can’t wait for what is still to come. This season we’re launching a Kew Comets photo competition with the best photos submitted from across the season winning prizes! You don’t need an amazing camera to take part- what we’re looking for is images that capture the fun and spirit of the club across all our teams. Simply tag us in your photos on Instagram or send them in via Facebook or to cometsnews@kewcomets.com.au to go in the running!

Photo Competition 2019!

New 2019 Merchandise!

We hope you’re as excited about our new 2019 merchandise as we are! Make sure you order now to ensure you’re kitted up for the fast approaching season- have you registered yet? Head to our Uniform page to see the full range and order.

Kew JFC players were lucky enough to be present at the Coles Kew opening today/this week!  It was a privilege to be invited along to the Grand Opening and to show our support for Coles for their sponsorship for the next two seasons.  Coles are thrilled to sponsor the Kew Junior Football Club and have provided us some Coles gift cards to help with fundraising events and recognise our volunteers.


The new Coles store looks amazing, if you haven't already had a chance to get there make sure you do!  The supermarket features an in-store bakery with freshly-baked bread, a continental deli with a large range of cheeses, an in-store butcher and an expanded fruit and veg area.  Plus there’s heaps of undercover parking.  Why not take the whole family down there this weekend!


Congratulations to all the management and staff at Coles who must have put in a tremendous amount of effort to get the Coles Kew up and running! 

Go Coles! Go Comets!

Comets at Coles Kew Opening!