Concussion Management

Responsible Approach to Concussion in the AFL

The AFL takes very seriously the welfare of our players, past and present. It has adopted a four-pronged approach to addressing concussion:

  1. Laws and penalty changes to protect the head and neck of players
  2. Revised guidelines leading to more conservative management of concussion
  3. Education and awareness-raising amongst community level competitions + updated community management guidelines
  4. Building knowledge by working with acknowledged concussion experts and through long term research projects
  5. Australian Football is a safe game to play and we intend to keep it that way.

The following material provides detailed background about the AFL’s methodical, proactive and medically-driven approach to concussion and its possible implications for people who play our game:

Guidelines for PARENTS

Guidelines for PLAYERS

AFL Policy 1 The Management of Concussion in Australian Football

AFL Policy 2 Responsible Approach To Concussion in the AFL